Qualifications and credentials

Dr. Leigh received his Masters Degree 1983 from the University of Manitoba having focused on learning theory and most particularly respondent behaviour. He completed his doctoral degree in 1991 focussing on the interaction between respondent and operant conditioning, arguably the mechanism that underlays trauma, stress and anger related behaviour. From 1975 to 1990 during the course of working on both his Masters and Doctoral degree Dr. Leigh served as a research assistant in a learning laboratory and lectured in both the department of psychology and faculty of management at the universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg. In 1988 Leigh interned at the Alberta Hospital where he focused on neuropsychology, as well as geriatric and forensic practice. Pursuant to completing his Ph.D., Leigh practiced both as a clinician and an organizational consultant. His clinical practice focused on adolescents and adults dealing with trauma, stress and anger issues, as well as couples dealing with relationship issues. In the course of that time he authored a number of articles and in 2010 along with Maureen Grace, co-authored a book entitled "Stress Management With An Attitude: Getting A Grip On The Trip". In his role as an organizational consultant Dr. Quesnel has worked and lectured across Canada. He has also had the pleasure of lecturing at both the Polytechnic University of Lviv and the Ukrainian Catholic University in Kiev and of returning there regularly as a guest lecturer. He counts among his client many federal and provincial government department, a number of regional health authorities and a significant number of manufacturing and service organizations.